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finale brazil
« le: novembre 29, 2006, 08:14:57 am »
Jet Ski World Championship in Imbituba - Results

Happened from November 24th to 26th 2006, the 4th round of FreeRide World Championship 2006, in Imbituba/SC. See the results!

With a final with a lot of rain and wind, the South African Jimmy Visser won the fourth round of Free Ride World Championship (maneuvers with jet ski on the waves) in Sit Down (jet sitting) class and the French Pierre Maixent won in Stand Up (jet on foot) last weekend, from November, 24th to 26th, Vila Beach, in Imbituba, Santa Catarina.

Jimmy Visser disputed with the French Pierre Maixent an exciting and very hard final. The South African showed a lot of technical to overcome the weather's bad conditions. ''Now, I'm in the group that have eight world titles together Valentino Rossi, on Motospeed and Michael Schumacher, on F1'', says after the results confirm his eighth world title in Sit Down class.

Stand Up class' final, repeat the Cup soccer's final. The Italian Federico Bufacchi entered in the water prepared to win the French Maixent, but the bad sea with irregular formation muddled the Italian's plans to repeat the result of 2005 when he got Brazilian's round. Pierre Maixent won fourth and last round, getting the second World Championship in Stand Up class. ''I'm so happy for get the title in Brazil. It's hard, because I disputed two difficult finals, one after the other, but I got win in Stand Up'', says Maixent that is world vice champion in Sit Down.

Three Brazilian riders stayed in the semifinals. Du Nunes in Sit Down and Ivo Sehn, in Stand Up, finished the round in third place. Leandro Vieira was the fourth in Sit Down.

The fourth and last round of FreeRide World Championship was one of more disputed of the last times. ''It's much disputed, doesn't there favorites. The level technical was very good and the decision was for a small difference in the points'' explain Marcelo Brandão, IFWA's president, international entity that rule this sport. ''We're working to 2007 world championship, which must have a big growth in quality and riders'', finished Marcelo.

The 8th Jet Waves happened with supervision of IFWA and Motoaquatic Federation of Estado of Santa Catarina (FEMOASC). The event is sponsor for Malwee and Yamaha with support of Government of Santa Catarina, City Hall of Imbituba and ProNáutica Jet Ski.
Jet Waves results:

SIT DOWN 1- Jimmy Visser (África do Sul) 2- Pierre Maixent (França) 3- Du Nunes (Brasil) 4- Leandro Vieira (Brasil) 5- Andrew Smith (África do Sul) 6- Luis Fragoso (Portugal)

STAND UP 1-Pierre Maixent (França) 2-Federico Bufacchi (Itália) 3- Ivo Sehn (Brasil) 4- Romain Stampers(França) 5- Joe Kenney (USA) 6- Taylor Curtis (USA) 7- Everson Prodocimo (Brasil) 8- Douglas Carvalho (Brasil) 9-Alexandre Bruneder (Brasil) 10- Leonardo Caldocelli (Brasil) 11-Gil Beurnier (França) 12-Weber Hipólito (Brasil) 13-Andre Martins(Brasil) 14-Christophe Dartayett (França) 15-Marlon Olsen (Brasil) 16-Andrea Bergamo (Italy) 17-Leandro Vieira (Brasil) 18-Everado Junior (Brasil)

World Champion results: STAND UP (5 primeiros) 1- Pierre Maixent (França) - 78 pontos 2- Federico Bufacchi (Italia) - 77 pontos 3- Romain Stampers (França) - 57 pontos 4- Gil Beurnier(França) - 54 pontos 5- Eric Fornay (França) - 29 pontos

SIT DOWN (5 primeiros) 1- Jimmy Visser (África do Sul) - 83 pontos 2-Pierre Maixent (França) - 77 pontos 3- James Visser(África do Sul) - 65 pontos 4- Alain Arrizabalaga (Espanha) - 34 pontos 5- Cristobal Bejeiro (Espanha) - 29 pontos

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